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  • Testing Ulysses integration

    One of the things I hate about WordPress is the terrible mobile app. I want to be able to write on the go and post my nonsense without jumping though billions of UI garbage flying up at me.

    This is why Instagram beat Facebook— the mobile UI is easy to deal with.

    So I’m using Ulysses in an attempt to make for a better experience.

    That’s one big ass fan
    That’s one big ass fan

    If you have a better method, please let me know.

  • How about now? ….anything? https://friendica.opensocial.space/display/8ffdf77c-5065-3b27-9512-cd7842048008 by JLG (friendica.opensocial.space) Let’s test replies from my site, https://starrwulfe.xyz/ It works as an ActivityPub client and should funnel likes, reactions, and replies here. 🤞🤞