🆕 @pfefferle Just dropped a new update to the plugin that makes Mastodon compatibility happen on my blog!

🧪 Now’s a good time to test threaded ActivityPub comments on my server here…

💬 So send me a reply here with whatever is going on at the moment in your world right now. Even if it’s just a few emoji!

👋🏾 😀 ✌🏾

3 responses
  1. @starrwulfe @pfefferle

    I’ll start:
    (Do WordPress comments even show GIFs?!) :blobwaitwhat:

    1. @jlgatewood
      Not sure if that’s something that @pfefferle can help; might be a general WordPress limitation

    2. @jlgatewood @starrwulfe@starrwulfe.xyz

      From what I gather @pfefferle hasn’t made it so the blog owner can make a comment directly from the comment section of the blog and have it zap into the fediverse; that’s the Holy Grail right there.

      Also if that’s the case, then any commenter who is a registered to your WordPress blog with a complete user account could also comment and be a pseudo ActivityPub member too…? :mastozany: :activitypub: :fediverse: