Can I help with some of the Japanese there?
セレクト is 選択
ポーズ is 休止
リスタートis usually 再生戻す
アンドゥis more like 取り消し in this case.

hope this helps!

0x0961h (@0x0961h@mastodon.gamedev.place) by 0x0961h0x0961h (Gamedev Mastodon)

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Posted a v1.1 update to my Ludum Dare entry, theGRIMOIRE_. Changes are mostly QoL-related:

* Undo feature
* To restart you now need to hold the restart button (to prevent restarting level by mistake); also added a fade out effect for that
* Reshuffled levels to make at least some kind of difficulty curve
* Added Japanese translation


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  1. @starrwulfe Oooh, that helps a lot! I was confused about those few. Will fix those, thank you!

    1. @0x0961h
      Happy to help out and learn from indie devs. Part of my day job is Japanese localization/translation so if you have any questions, just ask away!

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